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Chinese ornament
Chinese ideograms
chinese Christmas tree ornament
Christmas tree ornaments
Christmas ornaments
Chinese love symbol
Chinese joy symbol
Chinese happiness symbol
Chinese luck symbol
Chinese long life symbol
love symbol ornament
Chinese Symbol Ornament

For thousands of years, Chinese artists have created fascinating works of art using ideograms — symbols representing special blessings.

Inspired by this tradition, we present a handcrafted Chinese symbol — love Christmas tree ornament in gold glitter.

Please note: Chinese symbols (ideograms) for Happiness, Luck, Long Life, and Peace are also available in colors of your choice. When ordering make sure to specify SYMBOL and COLOR.

Size:  3 1/4 inches across
         10 3/8 inches around

Price: $16.99

Item ships in 3-7 days.

Ornament shown in red.

Choose from 13 assorted solid colors when you add the item to your cart.
Chinese Love Symbol Ornament

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Chinese Christmas tree ornaments depicting the symbol love in gold glitter can be purchased at Designer Ornaments.

Chinese Christmas Tree Ornaments for Sale

Chinese Christmas tree ornaments depicting the Chinese symbol for love in gold glitter and other Chinese ideograms including joy, happiness, luck, and long life can be purchased at Designer Ornaments.